Full service recruiting for only $99/month

  • FADV Management
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Job posting management
  • Drug test coordination
  • Physical test coordination
  • Background coordination

You'll receive candidates that are ready for a road test. All you gotta do is call them, make sure you want to hire them and proceed to the next step. It's as easy as that.

Group 15

Built for FedEx Ground Contractors

FADV management

Never log into FADV again. We manage the entire cycle from sending application, coordination, background and drug test

Job posting management

We post, syndicate & manage your job postings to Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Job.

Candidate sourcing

We will source, qualify, interview & process job applicants.

Ready to go drivers

Fully approved with drug test, background, and MEC collection drivers ready to start training.

Show indeed, ziprecruiter and google


Our dedicated team takes care of everything from job posting to candidate prescreening, coordinating physical and drug tests, managing First Advantage, and much more.



What our customers say

“FarJad!!! The physical interviews model is money - we love it!!! We are fully staffed, perhaps even over staffed!!! Thank you!!!”

“RecruitDrivers has saved me over $10,000 in one year and I'm always doing contingency with the extra drivers that we have.”

“Seattle is one of the toughest and most expensive markets to recruit yet RecruitDriver's machine keeps pumping out new drivers. It's amazing. THANK YOU”


Start your own recruiting company in 30 minutes

Start your own recruiting company without the expense or the stress of product development and fulfillment


Have questions? Call us 855.560.9906

Do you offer a reseller program?

Yes. We have a completely white labeled reseller package providing you with the website, domain, live support and everything you need to be successful. Check out StartARecruitingCompany.io

How can you be cheaper by over a $1000 from BrightFlag, Ancile, Bean or others?

Our competitive pricing is a direct reflection of our unwavering commitment to operational efficiency and recognizing that Contractors have razor thin margins. We operate the same way you operate: with the utmost efficiency humanly possible.

Our team's wealth of experience in delivering services that not only cost 10 times less but also offer significantly more value has played a pivotal role in attaining this cost advantage.

How are you better than BrightFlag, Ancile or Bean?

Over half of our clients consist of previous clients from BrightFlag, Ancile, Beans, and eTruck. This can be attributed to the significant cost savings our system offers.

Furthermore, our platform prides itself on its transparency, providing users with a user-friendly dashboard, a convenient mobile app, and full visibility into their pipeline, among numerous other features.

Who calls, qualifies and processes candidates?

We handle that on your behalf. You can have peace of mind knowing that you won't need to deal with any calls or texts from candidates until they have been completely approved on FADV.

How fast can I get started with recruiting?

Getting started with recruiting is simple and only takes 15 minutes.

  • Click HERE to get started
  • Sign up by phone: 855.560.9906
  • Attend demo webinar here

Who manages First Advantage?

We do all the work including job posting, candidate management, candidate prequalification and FADV coordination. Once the driver is ready for training we will send you a notification

How does recruiting work?

We will source, qualify, and manage job applicants, ensuring their complete approval on FADV. Your role involves conducting road tests, delivering training, and ultimately placing them in trucks—exactly as it should be.

How much do I have to spend on Indeed, ZipRecruiter etc?

We automatically post to Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Google jobs for free. In competitive markets or during peak seasons you have complete control over your spending, allowing you to allocate any amount from $0 to your desired budget per day.

You have the flexibility to adjust your advertising budget at any time. Increasing your spending will result in attracting a greater number of job applicants to your job posting.

Can I change my plan later?

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Driving your recruitment success, one driver at a time.